Friday, May 13, 2011

Introducing Louise Thomas, Owner of Epiphany Boutique!!

Meet the woman behind one of the most original ideas to hit the fashion scene yet... Louise Thomas, owner of Epiphany Boutique! Read on and get to know Louise as she answers questions on how she came up with the idea for Epiphany Boutique, her visions for the future of the boutique, and more! 

Question: What inspired you to go into fashion? 
Louise's Answer: I have always been a fashion conscious person and always had my own sense of style.  I've always been one that loved the "hunt" of special,  unique pieces and I truly love to help others look their best.  This is something that is truly part of my soul...I wanted to bring this to others by providing a unique platform.  The love/passion for fashion has always been there I just needed to put a plan together! I wanted to do what I loved and loved what I I did it!

Question: What inspired the concept of the boutique and it's name?
Louise's Answer: Epiphany Boutique was an idea that I have had for many years.  I have always wanted to be a part of the fashion industry, but never really knew how I was going to break into it.  I always wanted to create a space that I would love as a consumer...I wanted to create a place that I felt was missing from the boutique world.  I love shopping at boutiques, but I don't like the crowded, cluttered feeling and the feeling of being rushed or not receiving the best customer service.  I wanted a space where women could come in and instantly want to slow down, a place where they would feel as though they walked into a true 'fashion haven'  -a place where they would feel comfortable and welcomed.  Customers here are greeted with a genuine smile and a glass of wine if wanted.  They have the opportunity to take their time and shop in peace... and the space to take it all in.
  The name Epiphany Boutique came from me having a true 'Epiphany'... even though this was something that I thought about for years, the true idea and inspiration hit me like a ton on rocks... an Epiphany!  I hit the ground running, I put my vision into motion and made it all come together.  My husband was truly a major contributor throughout the entire process... without him, I couldn't have done it all!  I so love him for that and all that he has done!

Question: What do you expect to bring to the fashion scene of St. Louis?
Louise's Answer: I want to bring a new twist to the fashion scene here in St. Louis.  I want to bring a new way of fashion expression by incorporating events within the boutique.  I want to bring a fresh feel, a timeless feel, I want to show women how to make fashion their own and not depend so much on trends.  Epiphany Boutique is an experience within itself...when you walk through the doors, you get it right away!  I honestly want to bring a new way of thinking, I want to raise the bar.  I wanted to make sure Epiphany Boutique was to be nothing like a traditional store... instead it feels like a high-end designers showroom or a swanky music lounge with fashion accents!

Question:  What is your own personal style like, how would you describe it?
Louise's Answer: My personal style is very much contemporary/classic with an edgy flare.  I'm a very professional woman with spunk & sass and love to have diversity in my wardrobe to reflect that. I like to express myself through fashion, I truly use it as an outlet.  I like to create looks that are my own, maybe borrow from a current trend, but put my personal  spin on it.  I am very much an individual, I like to stand out in a good way.  I love dressing up even if I don't have a place to go! I don't like to blend...but I'm always a lady first no matter what I am wearing.  I believe a woman should always be classy and never be afraid to push the envelope a bit and be sexy and audacious!  Fashion is supposed to be adventurous and fun! Make it your own!

Question: Where do you see Epiphany Boutique in the next 5 years or so?
Louise's Answer: In the next 5 years...I see Epiphany Boutique as a 'household name'.  I see Epiphany Boutique going global and creating ripples in the fashion world.  We are looking forward to having an additional store in the St. Louis area and possible branching off into other cities.  Epiphany Boutique will be the go-to location when someone is looking for a 'signature piece' that will be a part of their wardrobe forever or to attend the hottest events.  Epiphany Boutique will become a brand!

Question: How can you educate women about fashion (especially those who don't feel like they have any style or fashion sense)?
Louise's Answer: I would tell every woman to embrace who they are and make the best of what they have as far as body shape, money ect.  Fashion is something that should be a part of everyone's life, but everyone should take pride in making it their own.  Don't worry about following the latest trend, but do what works best for you and play on that.  Don't be afraid to mix something old with something can always reinvent your wardrobe by adding signature pieces as well.  I always call them investment pieces because you can always see your 'return' and those pieces add value to your style.  But ultimately you should enjoy fashion and don't be afraid!

Question: Anything you would like to say to the men? I know it's a women's boutique, but how can men get involved (for the sake of their girlfriends, lovers or wives)?
Louise's Answer: Men... women love to shop and find those special 'it' pieces...Epiphany Boutique is the answer!  Epiphany Boutique is a place where men feel comfortable and also enjoy the shopping experience.  They can partake in the process.  Men can enjoy a glass of wine, sit comfortably on our sleek leather couch and view the flat screen or join their wife/girlfriend in the dressing room...there's plenty of room to spare.  Epiphany Boutique is a space where woman can rent it out for special occasions such as birthdays, bridal showers, girls night out, and many more "just because" occasions!

Question: What's happening next at Epiphany Boutique?
Louise's Answer:  With pleasure we are always open for customers to come in and enjoy what we have to offer Monday through Wednesday (by appointment) and 10 a.m.-7:30 p.m., Thursday through Saturday!  We will be hosting a Networking Party on Saturday May 21, 2011 from 7 p.m.-11 p.m.  We will also be hosting "Business Women in the Neighborhood"  PNC Bank networking event on Wednesday, June 22, 2011, from 5pm-7:30pm. Epiphany Boutique has many things planned for the next upcoming months.  I will be a guest on our local station, STL TV, on Monday May 16, 2011 @ 5pm.  I will be discussing the boutique and upcoming events...We are so excited!

Remember, you can be a host of your very own Epiphany Party here at the boutique.  For more details please visit:

Epiphany Boutique... "Fashion haven for the Sophisticated, Sexy Woman."

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Monday, May 9, 2011

Join us at Epiphany Boutique for a Networking Extravaganza!

What a lovely guest had to say about the last event at Epiphany Boutique:

"The moment I've been waiting for. Epiphany Boutique is and will always be a place I go to buy unique pieces because it compliments everything about me as a woman from the clothes, shoes and accessories.  This boutique is definitely for a woman who is confident about the way she wants to look at work and even after 5. Epiphany Boutique provided me with a great experience of customer service, educated me on the garments that I purchased and even the quality of the items I chose were definitely an investment for me. I love it and not to mention the dressing room is adorable.  I'm ecstatic to know that there is an intimate place I can go and shop and be catered to all at once.  What more can I ask for?!?!?!"
 - Jennifer White

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