Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Caught Up in the Waves of Fashion!!

The originality and fabulousness that Epiphany Boutique initially promised has been all that and more! And to say that things have been in full swing at the boutique is to say the least.

From features in runway shows and magazines... to unique, everyday shopping experiences... Epiphany Boutique has not slowed down its pace in keeping our love for fashion fresh and new. The boutique has helped bring exclusive and high-fashion, runway-style garments to the "doorstep" of everyday women! The experience is a platform that continuously allows the woman to raise her fashion awareness and have fun while doing it! 

Featured below is a pictorial to illustrate Epiphany Boutique's love and appreciation not only for fashion, but its love and appreciation for the woman's individual essence and taste! The items below can be found at the boutique if they are still available by the time you stop in!

Please feel free to visit the website at or stop on in for a style experience like never before! You can find additional information for the boutique at the bottom of this page. Thanks and have a wonderful day!

Epiphany Boutique... "A Fashion Haven For The Sophisticated, Sexy Woman."

Blog post written and designed by Patrice.

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