Thursday, March 17, 2011

The "Personal Shopper" Experience Here at Epiphany Boutique!!!

At Epiphany Boutique we offer a Personal Shopper service.  This is a one-on-one service that also includes personal styling. Yep you guessed it... it's just like being a celebrity & having your very own personal stylist to help you look your very best!

This is how the process works...we schedule a time for you to come to the boutique loft for the initial consultation.  During that time, we discuss what type of event you will be attending (if any), the overall look that you are going for, we take your measurements, and we discuss the different lines/designers that would be perfect for you.  After gathering as much information as possible, we then shop our current inventory to see if we have any items on hand that will suit you and your style.  If we still need additional items to complete the look(s) that are not in the inventory, we will then consult with specific designers and lines to special order all needed items.  After all that fun stuff we then schedule a date for you to return and at that time you are able to review the different styles that were purchased for you.  We will then style the entire look from head to toe while making sure it is exactly what you are looking for!

This service is very personalized and hands on.  We want to make the process of looking great and feeling confident much more enjoyable and pleasurable than you'd ever imagined while shopping!  Your Personal Shopper appointment is exclusively yours and the loft is open just to you during this time!


**There is no cost for your personal shopper appointment/consultation, but 10% of the total order for all items special ordered will be charged at the time of checkout! If all of your items come straight from our showroom floor (or our inventory) here at the boutique, then there is no additional cost to you!**

We look forward to meeting and styling you!

Epiphany Boutique.... "A Fashion Haven For the Sophisticated, Sexy Woman!"

Post by Patrice.

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