Thursday, March 3, 2011

Welcome To The Fabulous Epiphany Boutique!!!

Epiphany Boutique is not your ordinary boutique or even your ordinary clothing shop for that matter!! In fact, it is a "showroom" boutique. What does this mean? Think of those top fashion designers and the locations that they use to house all their never before seen fashions! This is the essence of Epiphany Boutique! Think a rich collection of top of the line event wear (you've never seen) coming from exclusive designers from all over the world!! 

In a few words Epiphany Boutique carries a collection that is hip and sexy, but with a highly sophisticated flare. So when you have a snazzy little spot like this what better place to house it than inside of a revamped, eclectic, artsy loft space. Yes, we're serious! All of Epiphany's high end styles live right inside this cozy loft space know as the PW Shoe Loft. 

The building is an historical hallmark of downtown St. Louis, MO and is located in the cities fine theater district.  In the 20s the building was known as the PW Shoe Factory and shoes were manufactured there, so it seemed a perfect fit to bring fashion back to this very place! Today the building not only consists of artsy and spacious loft living for St. Louis residents, but it is now the proud home of Epiphany Boutique!

The boutique, situated in a part of downtown known as Midtown Alley, has arrived at a grand time! We say this because Midtown Alley is part of a new renovation project that is taking place in the neighborhood. The project's focus is to make the area one where everything you need and want is at your fingertips. This means that it is on it's way to becoming an all inclusive neighborhood with fancy places to shop, eat, dance, attend college, enjoy entertainment and so much more. Even the fabulous Fox Theater is within walking distance of Epiphany Boutique. Then there's the Saint Louis University Campus, which interweaves throughout the neighborhood. 

The PW Shoe Loft itself is just across the street from the Moto Museum, which showcases historical motorbikes from waaay back! And if that wasn't enough to get you excited over all that surrounds Epiphany Boutique, then maybe you're a jazz enthusiast and would find it thrilling to know that the boutique is within walking distance of the famous Jazz Bistro lounge/concert venue/restaurant!! Many fine jazz acts perform there on a regular! It's all quite exciting!! 

With a great mix of college students, theater goers, dance nymphs, jazz lovers and everything in between, you'll find a unique mix of folks who frequent or reside in the neighborhood!

So with all that good stuff being said about the surrounding area, in comes the uniquely original and totally chic Epiphany Boutique -serving its customers up style, elegance, fieriness, class and sophistication on a silver platter!!! We hope to see you soon and don't forget to check us out at our website and on Facebook and Twitter!

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