Friday, April 29, 2011

**Revisiting a Fantastic Moment in Time... The Launch Party**

If you're enthused by or attracted to big city living, the hustle and bustle of a sparkling atmosphere, friendly people, glamour, fashion, eclectic music and just plain fabulousness in general, then the Epiphany Boutique launch party would have been the event for you! It happened on April 9, 2011, a seasonably warm Saturday night in downtown St. Louis! The temperatures got up to around 80 degrees that day and did not fall off very much that night. So imagine the good energy that abounded on just that fact alone!

The first thing guests saw upon entering the PW Shoe lofts (which houses Epiphany Boutique) was the extravagant and celebrity-style red carpet just in the hall outside of the boutique. To compliment the lush red carpet was a beautiful backdrop with Epiphany Boutique logos randomly placed throughout for beautiful picture capturing. Working the red carpet was a professional photographer who snapped the lovely guests upon entering the boutique!

When walking into the Epiphany Boutique venue, you might have automatically felt that it was not your typical, run of the mill shopping option, but more so a top of the line, swanky music lounge where one could shop for "never before seen" designer fashions!

Our guest list attendant!
The first person you saw, upon entering Epiphany Boutique, was a beautiful lady working the door and checking people's names off on a guest list. Following that, one of the lovely, polite and personable hostesses offered and served hor d'oeuvres and wine! The beautiful guests were scattered everywhere, adding so much good energy and sparkle to the place as well! There were people browsing the hottest and latest fashions, having exciting conversations, trying on garments and shoes in the luxurious dressing room, checking out at the register with Louise (the owner of the boutique) or chatting animately with her and her husband... There were people waltzing in and out of the boutique to have their pictures snapped, Hollywood-style, on the red carpet and then back in to do more shopping, chatting, eating and drinking or simply sitting back while watching the glamourous event unfold.

A portion of our high fashion shoe
Just a few of our lovely guests
checking out the garme
The mix of eclectic music on the sound system was the perfect soundtrack to a very chic and sophisticated evening. It truly complemented the way in which the guests were dressed beautifully trendy and fashionable. As you walked around the high-ceilinged, finely decorated, loft-style boutique, you couldn't help but to notice the artsy mannequins covered in some of the most eye catching, jaw dropping accessories and garments you've ever seen in St. Louis! On nice, decorative shelves there were some of the hottest boots and heels ever!!! But let us not forget the clothing racks that were packed with all sorts of alluring dresses, dazzling sequined and uniquely designed tops, sexy rompers, the first ever reversible denim jean, after hour looks and so much more! In addition, encased in a glass shelf were all types of unique pieces of jewelry and accessories- from extravagant and dramatic to understated and elegant.

If you're in St. Louis, you will not find a better location for all your fashionably exclusive, style enhancing needs. It was a pleasure to see guests so happy and astounded by the look and feel of the boutique, the guests, the music, the charm,  its charismatic owner and all of the exquisite jewelries, bags and garments it had to offer that night!

Guests shopping, talking and having
a fabulous time!
The premier launching of Epiphany Boutique truly set the tone for all the fabulousness that is to come and all the guests and customers we look forward to seeing on a regular day and at future events!!!

Stop on by and check out Epiphany Boutique for yourself! You won't be anything less than blown away and you will find yourself in "A fashion haven for the Sophisticated, Sexy Woman!"

More pictures from the event:

Louise (the owner) chatting
with a guest.

A couple of our guests, excited and having
a wonderful time

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