Thursday, November 10, 2011

"Update your Fall/Winter Wardrobe with 'Statement' Pieces!!"

With the weather turning colder, it's the perfect time of year to use 'Fashion' to it's fullest!  Think, ~Fabulous Furs~!!!  FURs are a MUST HAVE for the season!!! Furs not only keep you warm, but they add a 'zest' to an outfit that only it can add. Fur vests are one of the biggest fashion trends of the season, and we are loving it.  Here at Epiphany Boutique we are taking advantage of this trend and helping women make it their own!  Sometimes furs can be a bit intimidating for many, but remember they can be worn with just about anything from a gorgeous gown to a great pair of jeans. 
Here's a couple of looks for inspiration:

*All of this gorgeous pieces can be found at Epiphany Boutique!!!*

So, what do you think?!?! Is this a trend that you will be taking part in? 
Don't be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone.  If furs have been that 'thing' that you have never done, or thought you couldn't do...allow us to show you just how easy and timeless these looks can be!!!

~Embrace the FUR, authentic and faux~



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